The Trailblazing Trend: Tracksuits

Fashion has witnessed the rise of athleisure in the past decade, but the epitome of comfortable athleisure, the tracksuit, in its most classic form, has made a comeback! The trend that takes us back to the noughties has become sleeker than ever and has a powerful grip on the fashion world as a 'wear-all-day-everywhere' look.

The chic and comfy trend has taken over our gram feeds and is quite literally everywhere right now. 

Yes, it's an uber-comfortable outfit for lounging or working from home, but if you're going to be out and about, don't dismiss the tracksuit. The dapper trend is no longer reserved for weekends but has become a must-have for everyday life, reel, and real.  

If you're obsessed with the sporty yet cozy-laidback look, you have to try this trend; it's sure to lift your spirits. Trust us when we say it can create an amazingly pulled-together look so that you can strut around stylishly.

If you're still unsure, we've got proof that this trend is having a moment.

Tracksuits have become a celebrity choice in the past few years. Think of your favorite stars or influencers, and you will find sightings of them sporting this trend Take inspiration for modern-day styling from some of our favorite celeb looks.
Dress up and glam up your look like Zendeya and Kim Kardashian by layering a tracksuit under a trench or like Irina Shayk pairing it with heeled boots. For effortless vibes, look at Rihanna and her monochrome outfit; and of course, if we're talking about the 2000s & fashion, we can't forget the iconic Paris Hilton and her velvet tracksuits.  


If you're inspired, keep reading because we've rounded up the comfiest luxe tracksuits you need to own. 

No matter where you're headed, a sleepover, a brunch, a big night out, that holiday you've been dreaming about, or even if you're just spending your day in, these cool and comfy winter tracksuits will be your style savior. There are plenty of different ways to style this cozy-chic fit, and as brownie points, it's super comfortable and is sure to give you a fashion boost.
Catering to our need for comfies right now, we've got you tracksuits made with super-soft fabrics & fun colorways. Loungewear never looked so good, and there's a whole realm of options to explore. 
If you ask us, the one tracksuit you must own, velvet & fleece tracksuits, are the ones to add to your closet. Why lounge about in old sweats or a stained and torn tee when you could cozy up in a little stylish nostalgia instead?

Here are some tracksuits to get your collection started.